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You can easily spend several days in Moominworld and other local family attractions. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, especially in the middle of summer. 

There are plenty of good alternatives for accommodation in both Naantali and Turku. For example you can choose a relaxing spa hotel or a child-friendly family hotel. Some hotels offer handy Moomin packages. More information can be found on the Naantali tourism and Turku Touring websites. 

Naantali Tourism

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22€ per person (from the gate 22 €)

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Open (summer 2018)

9 June–12 Aug 2018
from 10 am to 6 pm

13–26 Aug 2018
from noon to 6 pm

Naantali Spa

At Naantali Spa, you can stay for example at the Moomin Story room. The spa hotel is situated 1.5 km from Moominworld.

Sokos Hotels

At the hotels of the Turku city centre you will also have access to all the attractions of the city. From Turku you can travel to Naantali for example by Moomin Bus.


A free time spot by the sea, only 5 kilometres from Moominworld. Also known for its great golf course.
Licence to thrill

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel

This sophisticated hotel in Turku thrills guests with views of the Aura River. Transfer options to Moominworld: a moomin bus or the steamship s/s Ukkopekka.


I feel a calling for a horizontal position.

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