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You can enjoy a whole day or even two at Moominworld.

1-day tickets and 2-day tickets are available for Moominworld. They can be bought at the gates, but you can also buy the tickets beforehand from the ticket shop. It's cheaper!

Special K-Plussa offer Grandparents -50% in August

In August, Moominworld is holding Grandparents’ weeks, which means that granmas and granpas, nans and gramps will get in for half price! 

In order to get the discount, you will need a Plussa card and you will need to arrive in the company of a paying child. Note! The discount is only available at the Moominworld gate.


Buy tickets for Moominworld 2018

28 € per person (from the gate 30 €)

To the ticket shop!

Open (summer 2018)

9 June–12 Aug 2018
from 10 am to 6 pm

13–26 Aug 2018
from noon to 6 pm


Life is full of wonders for someone who is prepared to accept them.

Get your tickets cheaper here!
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