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The saga lives in Moominworld!

Naantali's Moominworld opens once again on 11/06/2016 at 10 am and will be open every day until 28 August. The upcoming summer is the 24th year for Moominworld, and to celebrate this the theme park has been renovated to be even better suited for play and activities than before. 

The Moominhouse and Hemulen's home have undergone some renovations during the winter, and they have been decorated to be even cosier than before. The starting point for all changes has been to increase activities, as children's experiences are created first and foremost through play and activities. New attractions in the Moominhouse include the play boat in Moomintroll's room, Moominmamma's own sowing corner and Moominpappa's secret card cave. The daily programme has also been updated. This summer, the Moominworld offers lessons on flying with a broom in Alice's flying school, and there will be live music every day on Pappa's boat, courtesy of Too-Ticky and the Trash Band. 

The Moominworld will continue to follow the Moomin philosophy. The theme park is aimed at the whole family, and its central values include family, non-violence, friendliness, environmental awareness, security and adventurousness.

The short history of Moominworld

The Swedish-speaking Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson (1914–2001) created the Moomin characters for her books, the first of which, "The Moomins and the Great Flood", was published in 1945. Jansson's third Moomin book, "Finn Family Moomintroll" (1948), made an international breakthrough.

Tove Jansson is the most translated Finnish author of all time; her works can be read in over 40 languages. Moomins are loved by people of all ages and nationalities. Each year Naantali's Moominworld also receives visitors from all around the world. The Moomins are especially popular in Japan.

Without TV producer Dennis Livson the Moomins would never have become TV stars, which also means that Naantali's Moominworld would never have been created. Tove Jansson, her brother Lars and Dennis Livson became friends and begun making Moomin animations at the end of the 1980's. The first season of Moomin was finished in 1991 and it became a world-wide phenomenon. A total of 104 episodes of the animation series were made. Because of the success of the TV series, the idea for the theme park was thought up. The park was opened in Naantali in the summer of 1993. Livson passed away in November 2013 at the age of 66.


Moominworld is located in Naantali, on the beautiful Kailo island, about 16 kilometres from Turku. The island can be accessed by a bridge near Naantali's Old Church.

Muumimaailma Oy

Moominworld's vision is to be a leading, internationally known and profitable company offering experiences and culture. The company offers high-quality entertainment services for families and companies on a sustainable value basis throughout the year:

  • Moominworld theme park on Kailo island
  • Väski Adventure Island next to Moominworld
  • Events for companies and groups
  • Winter Magic event on week 8
  • Ticket shop
  • Alcohol and tobacco products are not sold in the area.

Moominworld in numbers

  • A total of about 250,000 visitors (Moominworld, Theatre Emma and Väski Adventure Island)
  • About 250 employees, of whom 10 are permanent.
  • Turnover about 7 million €
  • Owner Crea Art AG

For the media

Representatives of the media are always welcome at Moominworld. By showing your press card you will be able to enter the area free-of-charge the entire season.

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