New in Moominworld!

In summer 2016, there are plenty of new fun things to see in Moominworld: attractions have been renovated and redecorated, and there is even a new house band playing on Pappa's boat!

Moominworld has already been in operation for more than 20 years. Even though the core of the park has remained the same, its functionality and splendidness has been developed over the years. The same trend continues this year; for summer 2016, renovation and redecoration work has been carried out for example in the Moominhouse and Hemulen's home.

– We wanted to bring more to do and experience into the Moominhouse, says Moominworld's Ann-Karin Koskinen and continues:

– New experiences for children are first and foremost created through play and activities. Now there are even more possibilities and props to achieve just that.

New in Moominhouse

Let's see. Moominmamma's kitchen is set for a party, and there's a peeking window to... well, let's not reveal all of it. You can also rummage around Snorkmaiden's dressing room, as long as you don't pay attention to the cookie stash. The trap door under the table leads to... well, that's a secret.

In Moomintroll's room, you can see a new self-made toy boat, and Moominmamma's finally has her own little studio and sowing corner. From the third floor window you can peer out to sea with a telescope, and in the attic you can look at the Moomin family's strange souvenirs. A baby dragon is hiding on top of the rafter. Come and see if you can spot it.

And last but not least: Moominpappa has a secret card cave built under the cellar stairs. Gambling and whisky are out of the question, even a child knows that.

Hemulen’s House has been renovated

Even the neighbouring Hemulen's house has been thoroughly renovated. The new layout will entice you to stay for longer in a house full of science-related items.

New butterflies were donated to Hemulen's collection, and the seed and stamp collections are also extending. Through the open door you can gaze at the wild garden, which is trying to grow inside the house. There is even something growing inside the wellie – you will know you are inside the house of a scientist.

A new program, too

Moominworld will have a more versatile program for summer 2016. A joint project with Keep the Archipelago Tidy organization included a spring cleaning with kindergarteners to make the Moominworld beach ready for the summer. The trash found on the beach was used to create recycled instruments, which you can hear in action on Pappa's boat, where Too-Ticky and the Trash Band play every day. Come and see the band and witness the first rap battle in the history of Moominworld!

The Witch's hut also has a new event, Alice's flying school. The interactive show, which is suited even to the youngest members of the family, focuses on the secrets of flying with a broom. There are three fifteen minute courses each day – check the timetable from the program.

This summer Theatre Emma has a new producer. Turku City Theatre has planned and carried out both this summer's new performances.