Niisku ja lapset

Moominworld’s new attractions 2022

”Back to nature. We only live once. All responsibilities are only a nuisance.”

– Moominpappa

The most electrifying new attraction in Moominworld this summer season is Hattifattener’s Cave. Are you brave enough to walk through it? Another interesting new attraction is Snork’s Park of Inventions, where you can catch a real whopper at Too-Ticky’s Fishing and examine Snork’s newest invention, a peculiar contraption that will surely have you hooked.

The centrally located Café Pappa’s Hat offers all kinds of delicious treats, including Moomintroll’s favourite: waffles! Next to Muddler and Fuzzy’s Jar you will find Muddler’s Bits and Bobs. Go and help Muddler fit everything in its place. Don’t forget to stop by the photo point to get a memorable souvenir!

Hattifatteners’ Cave

Hattifatteners’ Cave may be the most hair-raising place in all of Moominworld. The hattifatteners move in great big herds, and they have gathered inside their own cave where the electric excitement is growing. The hattifatteners don’t really pay attention to other creatures and they’re generally harmless to any passers-by, even though the cave might be an electrifying experience.

Snork’s Park of Inventions

At Snork’s Park of Inventions, you can marvel at and poke about Snork’s newest invention, a wholly peculiar but fascinating contraption. You might be hooked for a while trying to figure out how it works! Fishing is always fun! It’s even more fun if you try to catch fish from flowing water! At Too-Ticky’s Fishing, you can have a lot of fun catching great big whoppers! Don’t forget to pack your lucky charms!

Muddler’s Bits and Bobs

Muddler has been collecting buttons and other kinds of treasures for so long that he even has bits and bobs to spare. Go and help Muddler fit everything in its place. Can you find a spot for every bit and bob?

Café Pappa’s Hat

You will naturally recognise Café Pappa’s Hat from the great big top hat on the roof. Here you can enjoy Moomintroll’s favourite food, waffles. Do you prefer your waffles with whipped cream or jam? Or perhaps both? What do you think Moomintroll would have on his favourite waffle?

Photo point

At the Moominworld 30th anniversary photo point, snap a shot of your whole group to remember your great day together! Who among you has the most mischievous smile?