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Finland's largest summer theatre opens again at Moominworld!

The gates of Moominworld in Naantali will open on 11 June at 10 am. This summer there will be even more to see and do in Moominworld and, like always, the ticket price includes the shows of the biggest summer theatre in Finland. A head start to the summer season was taken by organising a cleaning event to get Moominworld's beaches ready for the summer.

This year the folk at Moominworld shed their winter dream dust in the Siisti Biitsi beach cleaning event. In an event organised in co-operation with Moominworld and Keep the Archipelago Tidy organisation, kindergarten children cleaned Moominworld's beaches together with the Moomin characters. Keep the Archipelago Tidy and Moominworld will continue to co-operate throughout the summer.

"The chance offered by Moominworld to inform of the sensitivity of our water environments is very unique. The cherishing of nature in an environment where many families visit and where there are a lot of activities strengthens our environmental values", says Jenny Gustafsson, Project Co-ordinator at Keep the Archipelago Tidy.

Activities for children in keeping with the Moomin philosophy

Environmental awareness is one of the most central values at Moominworld. Just as in previous years, the other values of the theme park are family, non-violence, friendliness, security and adventurousness.

"New experiences for children are first and foremost created through play and activities. Now there are even more possibilities for that, as there are new props in the Moominhouse. The renovations of Hemulen's house also invite to stay longer among science-related items. The rubbish collected during the Siisti Biitsi event was used to build instruments that will be used by Too-Ticky and the Trash Band in performances every day of the summer", says Ann-Karin Koskinen, Marketing Director at Moominworld.

Theatre every day

Summer 2016 is the 24th year of operation for Moominworld. One of the main attractions every summer is the theatre, whose shows are included in the ticket price. This summer the shows at Theatre Emma have a new producer, Turku City Theatre.

"Not many people know that, in terms of the number of shows, we have the largest summer theatre in Finland", Koskinen says.

The Moomin characters are available for cuddles from 11 June to 28 August every day of the summer at Naantali's Moominworld. Tickets to Moominworld can be bought cheaper in advance online from In June you can get two days in Moominworld for the price of one.

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