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Moominworld celebrates grandparents!

Granmas and granpas, nans and gramps – we call our dear grandparents by many names. On 22–28 August, Moominworld celebrates grandparents' week. The purpose of the theme week is to encourage grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren in a fairytale land for all generations. During the week, grandparents will get access to Moominworld for half price in the company of their grandchildren.

This is the first time that grandparents' week is celebrated in Moominworld. However, the idea of a fairytale land for all generations has had an important role in Moominworld through the Moomin characters. Tolerance towards others is one of the central themes in Moominworld. In a fairytale world, people are not categorised based on age, size or gender.

"In fairytales, the gap between generations disappears, and everyone experiences the stories from their own point of view, based on their own experiences", says Ann-Karin Koskinen, Marketing Director at Moominworld.  

"Moominmamma and Moominpappa have many of the characteristics we find in our grandparents. Moominmamma's pancakes remind us of the treats our grandmothers serve us, and it's probably not that unusual to hear our grandfathers telling stories like Moominpappa does", Koskinen says.

The Moominworld has a special role in promoting children's culture.

"We have a responsibility as well as a unique possibility to uphold and advance the Moomin story for many generations to come", Koskinen explains.

During grandparents' week, Moominworld offers all the usual games, activities and plays – for Moomin fans of all ages. Moominworld is open daily 22-28 August from 12 pm to 6 pm. Grandparents will get in for half price when they arrive together with a child.

After grandparents' week, the folk at Moominworld will retire for their winter hibernation and can be seen again during Winter Magic in February.


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