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Online survey reveals: Moominhouse is the favourite spot of visitors to Moominworld!

At Moominworld in Naantali, familiar fairytale places are tangible reality. There are plenty of things to see and do for several days. Children and adults alike have their favourite spots, which have been revealed by Moominworld's online survey. One, however, was far above the rest: The Moominhouse is a favourite for both small and big friends of the Moomins.

In an online survey, we asked people to tell us their favourite spots in Moominworld, and the clear favourite turned out to be the Moominhouse. The fairytale blue home of the Moomins got 36 per cent of all votes. The second most popular spot was Moominpappa's boat the Merenhuiske, which got nine per cent of the votes. Third place was shared by the Fairytale Trail and the Witch and Alice's hut. Both got about six per cent of the votes.

"This summer we brought new props into the Moominhouse to encourage play and activity. Moominpappa's boat, on the other hand, will act as the stage for Too-Ticky's Trash Band whose instruments were built earlier in the summer from rubbish found while we were cleaning up the beaches of Moominworld. Based on this survey, we can tell that the changes have been well received", says Ann-Karin Koskinen, Marketing Director at Moominworld.

Activities for children, rest for parents
Moominworld was the favourite of all age groups regardless of gender. According to the survey, the second most favourite spots for children aged 7–11 were the activity-filled Labyrinth and Fairytale Trail. For people aged 55–65, the second most favourite spot after the Moominhouse was the relaxing Whileaway Park, which was voted for by 11 %. 

Men voted as their second and third choice the Police Station (9 %) and Moominpappa's boat (8 %). Women, on the other hand, after the Moominhouse, enjoyed visiting Moominpappa's boat (9 %) and the Fairytale Trail (7 %).

"This survey tells us that we are able to offer plenty of experience for all ages of Moomin fans. There is plenty to see and do for people of all ages, and if you prefer a relaxing break, you can find a hammock to lie in at the Whileaway Park", says Ann-Karin Koskinen.

The survey was filled in by a total of 1,141 people in July. Of the participants, 87.5 % were women, 11.7 % were men, and 0.8 % were other.

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