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Survey shows:
Women prefer to hug Moominmamma, men Stinky!

Who would be a better hugging partner than a lovely Moomin character? Moominworld decided to find out which of the Moominworld inhabitants people like to hug the most.

In the online survey, the most popular hugging partner in Moominworld turned out to be the sympathetic Moominmamma. Just over 22 per cent of all participants said they would prefer to hug her. The second most popular character was the feisty Little My, who did not fall far behind Moominmamma (just under 22%). Third place was taken by the ditsy Sniff, who would be hugged by 12 per cent of the participants.

Men hug Stinky!

The survey also showed some differences between genders. Women and girls clearly preferred Moominmamma (24%) and Little My (23%). These were also very high on the list for men and boys, but their favourite was Moominworld's very own outlaw, Stinky (16%). Even the Groke had her admirers, as almost every tenth man said they would most like to hug the lonely wanderer.

Children would most like to hug Little My (22%) and Snorkmaiden (18%). Among the older participants, Moominmamma is the most popular choice for hugging partner (25%). Moominpappa's gentlemanly charm seems to work for the more mature Moomin fans, as about a fifth of 55–65-year-olds would like to hug him.

Little My is most popular in the region of Tavastia, as every third participant from Pirkanmaa and Tavastia Proper would most like to squeeze her. The feisty little shrew seems to be popular everywhere but Åland (0%) and Central Ostrobothnia (5%). In these regions, the favourites were Moominmamma, the Groke and Sniff.

The online survey was filled in by a total of 1,750 participants (women 81.9%, men 17.7% and other 0.5%). The survey was made using the Surveypal software. All participants took part in the prize draw for tickets to Moominworld for four (value 108 €).

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