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Opens on 24 May
The Peculiar Café

The Peculiar Café is full of amusing details from the Moomin stories, and since it's located in Naantali's Old Town (Kaivokatu 5), you can experience an authentic Moomin atmosphere without having to take a trip to Moominworld. 

Naturally, the Peculiar Café has a peculiar sense of decor. Meet the Muskrat in his hammock and the vampire on the roof – and see if you can spot the world’s smallest dragon! Become acquainted with paintings based on the original animated series and Sorry-oo’s doghouse in the yard.

The Peculiar Café serves the cake master’s delicious cakes, savoury pies and freshly-baked cinnamon buns.

Open in 2018:
• 24 May–8 June, 11am–6pm
(closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
• 9 June–12 August, 9am–7pm
• 13–26 August, 11am–7pm

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