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Muumimaailma Oy

Muumimaailma Oy is a tourism business which started its operations in 1993 in Naantali. It is based on the Moomin stories created by the Finnish-Swedish author and illustrator Tove Jansson. The theme park was founded from the Moomin cartoon producer Dennis Livson's initiative to create experiences for children and their families.

The park's aim is to implement Moomin philosophy: family unity, non-violence, friendliness, environmental awareness, safety and adventure, as well as values promoting parenting.

Muumimaailma Oy operates geographically in two places: In Kailo island and in the Naantali town centre, where Moomin Shop and Moomin Car park are situated. The company's turnover has increased from the initial 1.5 million to over 6 million euros. We have already had millions of visitors.

The ownership of the company is divided according to the share capital as follows: 

  • Livson Group Oy 52%
  • Baltic Archipelago Oy 18%
  • Muumimaailma Oy 30 %

Moominworlds chairman of the board is Mr. Tim Livson  and other members at the board are Mrs Irmeli Rytkönen and Mr. Wille Niinistö. 

Managing Director is Mr. Tomi Lohikoski.

More information for the press is provided by 
Ann-Karin Koskinen:
tel. +358 (0)40 590 0701

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