Haisuli Muumitalon edustalla

Visit Moominworld safely

We value the safety of all our customers and staff! We do everything in our power to make sure that you and your family can feel safe and enjoy your visit to Moominworld. We follow all guidelines and regulations issued by the authorities. When necessary, we will limit the daily number of visitors, and for this reason, we request that you select your visiting time when booking your tickets. However, if you wish to change the date of your visit, you can do so at vaihto.muumimaailma.fi.

Our staff have been instructed in proper hand hygiene and general hygiene as well as in how to operate under exceptional circumstances. Our staff wear face masks while indoors. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection at all attractions and services as well as provided either hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities in each location. The Moominhouse, Hemulen’s House, and all restrooms have been protected using a microbe-repellent nano-coating.

Most of our food and snack points already operate on a take away basis.

We recommend using a face mask everywhere in the park but especially indoors.

We request that all visitors follow these instructions:

  • Please book your tickets and other services, such as parking and food, in advance from our online shop to ensure a safe and smooth visit.
  • Please visit the park only when you are healthy. Our staff will also stay at home when they’re unwell.
  • Please keep a safe distance from other people while in the park. We will remind our visitors of this throughout the day and make sure that no queues form at our sales points.
  • Please use hand sanitiser or wash your hands several times during the day.
  • Please use card payments at our points of sale.
  • We hope for understanding and patience when changes occur due to these exceptional circumstances.