Muumimamma, Muumipappa ja Poliisit esiintyvät Pikku Estradilla

Programme and events

Look at the programme to see all the wondrous things you can experience at Moominworld!

Clomp, shuffle and pit-pat! Padding along in Moominworld, you can see all kinds of wonderful stuff! The exciting performances at Theatre Emma, the Small Stage, and the Puppet Theatre will make your day with the Moomins particularly memorable.

Have a look at the programme to see all the fun in store for you!

Schedule for 11.6.–30.6.

Theatre Emma

12:00Fillyfjonk´s party (in finnish)

13:00Fillyfjonk´s party (in Swedish)

14:00Fillyfjonk´s party (in Finnish)

15:00Fillyfjonk´s party (in Finnish)

16:00Fillyfjonk´s party (in Finnish)

Small Stage

11:30Moominfamily´s morning carousel

13:00Moominpappa and the picture of mischief

15:00Moominpappa and the picture of mischief

16:30Snufkin´s evening moment

Puppet Theatre at Snork’s Park of Inventions

13:30Snork rises to the heights (in Finnish)

15:30Snork rises to the heights (in Finnish)

Snufkin’s Camp

14:00Snufkin´s story time (in swedish)

15:00Snufkin´s story time (in finnish)

Witch`s house

14:30Witch´s spelling school (in Finnish)

15:30Witch´s spelling school (in Finnish)

Alice’s Herb Garden

14:00Alice’s dice game (in Finnish)

15:00Alice’s dice game (in Finnish)

Muddler and Fuzzy’s Jar

12:00Muddler's button collection (in Finnish)

16:00Muddler's button collection (in Finnish)

Mrs Fillyjonk’s House

13:30Mrs Fillyjonk’s Laundry Orchestra (in Finnish)

16:00Mrs Fillyjonk’s Laundry Orchestra (in Finnish)

Summer 2024 special events


Fillyfjonk has moved to a new house right next to the Moominhouse. The Moomin family is very curious about their new neighbor. Mrs. Fillyfjonk, who has moved to the neighborhood, has heard that the Moomin family is quite special, and this makes Moominpappa feel proud. The Moomin family decides to organize a grand garden party for Fillyfjonk to welcome her to Moominvalley.

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Thursday 17 June


Join us for a fun day with Little My! During the day, you will get to play familiar outdoor games with Little My and the Moomins. You’re in for familiar games, such as the Mirror and Captain’s Orders, as well as many other fun activities!

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The Moomin Family is inviting everyone to participate in a grand Midsummer Ball that will be celebrated throughout midsummer! There will be singing and dancing, and all of the Moominvalley is invited. Everyone in Moominvalley has been preparing for the ball for a long time – Snorkmaiden has made herself a glorious flower crown that she will wear on her golden locks, Moomintroll has practised his dance steps, and Moominpappa is in charge of the music.

At Midsummer, you can also listen to an exciting midsummer story in Snufkin’s camp!


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Snufkin has caught an enormously large catch of fish the previous evening, and Too-Ticky has promised to make a delicious fish soup from the catch. Snufkin shares exciting fish tales together with Too-Ticky, and even Moominpappa might wander by to tell his own sea adventure tales.

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It’s Snorkmaiden’s day, and it’s time for a grand costume ball! There will be incredibly beautiful dance performances, atmospheric music, and an exciting surprise from Moomintroll to Snorkmaiden. Welcome to join the ball!

Snorkmaiden’s beauty salon serves customers throughout the day with delightful hairstyles and handsome face paintings, and the day culminates in the ball.

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It’s Moomintroll’s birthday – join us to congratulate Moomintroll with a hug and spend a rollicking day with Moomintroll! At Theatre Emma, we will cheer a triple hurrah in the honour of Moomintroll before the day’s plays. Moomintroll’s friends have also prepared little gifts for the birthday boy. Guests can also take part in Moomintroll’s exercise moment and the birthday party preparations in the Moominhouse.


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The event organized by Moominworld and Diak’s interpretation students aims to bring the fairy tale world closer to children who communicate using Finnish Sign Language (VK), signed speech (VP), or with some augmentative or alternative communication method (AAC methods).

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Sunday 20 August


It’s the last day of summer, and the beautiful autumn colours are slowly taking over tree leaves. The Moomin Family is preparing to hibernate by collecting pine needles and covering furniture with sheets, and Snufkin is getting ready for his long trek southward. Come and wish the Moomin family a good hibernation and wave Snufkin goodbye!

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