Too-Ticky in the front of the Bathing Hut

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to many of the questions you might have. If your question is about the meaning of life, you might be better off just coming to Moominworld. For example, Snufkin will be happy to contemplate the topic with you, although you probably shouldn’t expect to get a clear answer out of him.

Please remember that Moominworld is smoke free island.

Yes, you can. If plans happen to change later on, there’s no need to change the date of the tickets.

You can find information on our food hereIf you have any questions about dietary restrictions, please ask our staff or contact our office at

Unfortunately, you can’t bring pets, such as cats or dogs, to Moominworld.

You can rent a pull-along wagon from the Pancake Café near the entrance.

Pull-along wagons EUR 5 per day (EUR 5 deposit)

Yes, there’s one at Mamma’s Kitchen and another one at Theatre Emma.

Yes, you can. For example, the forest paths have been covered with wooden boards so that you can move along them with a wheelchair or a pushchair. However, there are a few locations that aren’t accessible by wheelchair. This is because the terrain is hilly, and there are some steep inclines. Changes in the sea level mean that the ramp on the bridge leading to Moominworld can sometimes be steep. The area around the Moominhouse is relatively accessible, and the forest paths are also accessible by wheelchair. However, because of some of the steeper inclines, you should always check beforehand. If necessary, our staff will show you an easier path. The companion of a person with restricted mobility can get free admission to the park with a companion card or similar credentials.

You can read about Naantali’s other attractions, for example, on the Visit Naantali website. The attractions and services of the Turku region can be found here.

Read more about tickets here.

More information on accommodation can be found here.

We have taken the most common allergies and restrictions into account in our product range. Please ask our staff if you have any questions.

More information on parking can be found here.

Directions and instructions for getting to Moominworld can be found here.

Dress according to the weather, as Moominworld has a lot of outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. You should also pack your swimsuit, because there’s a beach.

The busiest time in Moominworld is July. June and August are quieter months for a visit.

There are several well equipped childcare rooms connected to the toilets. It is also possible to heat baby food in a microwave oven at the restaurants.

The restaurants and shops accept commonly used credit and debit cards. The nearest cash point is in the centre of Naantali.

The Moominworld info point is located next to the Moomin post office and bookshop. There you can look for lost property and find a qualified first-aider.

You can find a baggage storage point on the Promenade by the Games of chance. The service costs EUR 4 per item. The baggage storage is open during Moominworld opening hours.

The assistant of a paying disabled customer who requires personal support is allowed to enter the park area and go on the rides and attractions free of charge when in the company of the person requiring assistance. The disabled person can prove their need for an assistant with an EU Disability Card (that includes an “A” symbol proving the need for an assistant) or with some other document or certificate. The park may also issue an assistant permit to a disabled person who requires one on a case-by-case basis at its discretion. The assistant permit is conditional on the payment of an entry fee, a wristband or another ticket product by the person requiring assistance. As a rule, the assistant permit can be issued to only one assistant. As a rule, the assistant must be of age. At its discretion, the park may also permit an underage person to act as an assistant. The assistant must actually be able to act as an assistant.