It’s getting colder and colder...
WINTER MAGIC at Moominworld
in February!

Moominworld is an ode to fairy tales and a tribute to Tove Jansson’s imagination. This children’s culture classic operates in Naantali where the Archipelago Sea and Naantali’s Old Town with its wooden houses meet.

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Moominworld is open today (16.–24.2. klo 10–16)
Winter Magic is taking place at Moominworld from 16th to 24th February 2019, during the schools’ ski holidays in Southern Finland.
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Winter Magic 2019

Week 8, 16–24 Feb
Daily 10 am to 6 pm

Day ticket

€ 21 online
(€ 23 at the gate)

Family tickets

for 4 to 6 persons
€ 72–102 online
(€ 80–114 at the gate)

“Nobody can catch me today! I will whirl like a storm!” – Little My

Little My's morning exercise

Catch Stinky!

The Extraordinary Café

“Being famous is the most dreary thing there is.” – Joxter