Moominworld will open again 11 June 2022. Thank you for your visit and hope to see you again next summer!

Moominworld is closed today
Moominworld will open again 11 June 2022! Welcome!

Summer 2022

11.6.-30.6. 11-17
1.7.-31.7. 10-17.30
1.8.-21.8. 11-17


Online ticket shop:
32€/person for one day
40€/person for two days

Ticket sales office at the gate:
36€/ person for one day
46€/person for two days

Season Card for summer 59 €/person

“Nobody can catch me today! I will whirl like a storm!” – Little My

Little My's morning exercise

Catch Stinky!

The Extraordinary Café

“Being famous is the most dreary thing there is.” – Joxter