Thank you for the summer 2023 – see you again next year!

We are closed

We are closed

Moominworld is closed today

Opening times 2023:
10.6.–30.6. at 11–17
1.7.–31.7. at 10–17.30
1.8.–20.8. at 11–17


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Moominworld’s new attractions 2023

New fairytale attractions at Moominworld!

In addition to the things we know and love, Moominworld also offers new and exciting things every year.

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Become a Family Friend

Benefits and unique experiences

Here in Moominworld we’re all part of one, big family. Join us – you’ll get many nice and useful things as a Family Friend!

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Fairytale attractions

So put your exploration goggles on and get to know the attractions already before your visit!

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Muumihahmot vilkuttavat muumitalon edessä.


How well do you know the Moomin characters? Do you know who Hemulen is? What about Mrs Fillyjonk? Get to know the characters!

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Poliisi tervehtii

Tickets and prices

How many days would you like to have? Naturally as many as you have strength for! Get your tickets cheaper by pre-booking.

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