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Moomin Events

Hire Moomins for your company event.

Are you missing a show for your event? Or is the whole event still in the planning stage? The Moomins have a phenomenal talent of being able to attract families with children and other Moomin fans in force. With the Moomins’ help, our clients have been able to even triple their previous sales or visitor records!

The reason behind the popularity is a simple one: it’s easy and natural to build an entertaining, high-quality event around the family-friendly values of Moomin philosophy.

The Moomin show doesn’t require much from the setting, since the Moomins bring the most important thing with them: the unique atmosphere! Shows are based on having a delightful time together, enjoying stories, music, dance, and interactive play. And the best thing of all is that the show always ends with a meet and greet where the guests are able to, for example, take a photo of themselves hugging a Moomin!

Moomins are a perfect solution for client, staff, or interest group events of all shapes and sizes. With a wealth of experience and loads of expertise, we are able to create a reliable, high-quality service and an unforgettable experience.

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Example of a Moomin event