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Boundaries, love and
a bit of common sense

In its operations Moomin World demonstrates family unity, non-violence, friendliness, environmental awareness, good manners, open-mindedness and safety.

In Moomin World safety means both physical and emotional safety. Things that children sometimes find frightening, such as The Groke and Stinky, are met in the Moomins' home valley safely together as a family.

Moomins' home valley is situated in an island which is preserved as naturally as possible, with its plentiful flora and fauna. Bees and Lilies of the Valley belong to a Finnish summer. As a parent, please take care that the children do not put unfamiliar berries in their mouths. Let's allow nature to flourish so that everybody can enjoy a verdant Moomin World.

Fire safety is especially observed in the island. There are fire water barrels at regular intervals in Moomin World area. All buildings have the required initial fire fighting equipment. Please note fire safety by smoking only in the designated smoking areas.

In case of small accidents the Info Point has plasters and other first aid equipment. There is also a qualified first-aider always available at the Info Point.

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