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Safety instructions

Stay safe at Moominworld:

Safety of our clients and personnel is our highest priority! We will make everything to keep you and your family safe and take care of your visit. We have a permission from the officials to open the park with some instructions. We will follow all safety regulations and instructions from the officials. We will limit the number of visitors per day if it’s necessary. When booking the tickets, you can choose date for your visit. However, if you want to change the date, you can do so at

Our personnel is trained to act in these special circumtances. Our staff uses face masks inhouse. We have put more effort to keep places clean, we have many places for handwashing as well as hand sanitizers.

Most of our food corners has already take away. Food can be ordered in advance with our mobile application from Mamma's Kitchen and Burger.

We recommend face masks specially inhouse settings.

We wish that our customers:

- Visit only if everyone is healthy

- Buy tickets, parking and food in advance 

- Will keep safety distance 

- Pay with card

- Use frequently hand sanitizers and wash hands    

- Have understanding for these special circumtances.    



Clean & Safe

We have Clean & Safe mark! It means, that we are committed to multiple actions to support health safety and we will do everything we can to make you feel safe.

In addition to our work, it is important that each of our customers takes care of following the recommendations and good hand hygiene. It is also important that everyone visits Moominworld in good health.

Welcome, it is safe to enjoy your visit! #cleanandsafeturkufi

Right equipment

Gear up for the weather, most of the Moominworld attractions are outside in all weathers. You should also bring your swimsuit, as there is a beach.

The busiest time...

... in Moominworld is July. June and August are quieter months for a visit.


There are several well equipped childcare rooms connected to the toilets. It is also possible to heat baby food in a microwave oven at the restaurants.

Pull-along wagons

You can rent pull-along wagons for your children and things from Fillyjonk´s Waffel at entrance square for 5 € per day ( 5€ deposit).

Left luggage? Is it available?

You can store your belongings at the guarded left luggage point next to the Games of chance. The service costs 4 € per day.

Payment methods

The restaurants and shops accept commonly used credit and debit cards. The nearest cash point is in the centre of Naantali.

People with disabilities

The area surrounding the Moominhouse is easy to access, and the forest routes are accessible by wheelchair. Due to variation in the terrain, it is recommended that you check accessibility. If necessary the staff at Moominworld will help you find an easier route. The escort of the disabled visitor will be admitted free of charge.

Inva toilets

Inva toilets are located close to Emma theatre and Mamma's Kitchen.

Info Point

The Moominworld info point is located next to the Moomin post office and bookshop. There you can look for lost property and find a qualified first-aider.

Baggage storage

Do you need a place to store your baggage? You can find a baggage storage point on the Promenade by the Games of chance. The service costs 4 € per item. Ring the bell if there is no one at the baggage storage and you will be served momentarily. The baggage storage is open during Moominworld opening hours.

There is no room for a hammock in a responsible life.

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