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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to many practical questions you might have. If your question has to do with the meaning of life, you are welcome to join us at Moominworld. For example Snufkin will be happy to ponder the topic, although you might not get a clear answer.

Is Moominworld open during the Midsummer festival?

Yes it is! Welcome!

Where can I find information on special diets?

You can find information on the available foods from our attractions and services. For more information please contact our personnel or contact us by

Can I bring pets to the Moominworld?

Pets, such as cats and dogs, are not allowed in the Moominworld. If, however, you have a pet travelling with you, you can take it to be cared for in pet hostel Gomak in Turku. Please remember to book a place for your dog in advance. More details and directions can be found here (in finnish).

Can I borrow a wagon from Moominworld for my visit?

Yes! You can rent pull-along wagons for your children and things from Fillyjonk´s Waffwl at entrance square  for 5 € per day (deposit 5€.)

Does Moominworld have a toilet for the disabled?

Yes, one close to Mamma's Kitchen and another close to Theatre Emma.

Can I move around Moominworld in a wheelchair?

Yes. Forest paths, for example, are made of wooden boards, so they can be used for push chairs or wheelchairs. However, a wheelchair cannot be used to access every single attraction.

How much are the Moominworld tickets and what is included in them?

You can view the ticket prices here.

What other attractions can Naantali offer?

You can examine other tourist attractions in Naantali for example on the Visit Naantali website. The attractions for the whole Turku region can be viewed here.

Where can I stay?

More information on accommodation can be found here.

Does Moominworld also offer meals for people with food allergies?

The most common food allergies have been taken into account in the sales points' product range. The staff will provide you with more detailed information.

How much is the parking in the Moomin Car Park?

You can find more information on parking here.

How do I find the way to Moominworld?

Directions and information about arrival at Moominworld can be found here.

If someone has come here,
I suppose they know they are here.

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