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Special events in 2021

25.‒26.6. Moomins and the magical Midsummer

You are all welcome to spend a magical Midsummer with the Moomin family. Snorkmaiden is already baffled by all the traditional Midsummer magics and predictions. Come and find out if these predictions come true! Moominpappa has built a peculiar maypole, and everyone is welcome to dance around it. In addition, we are celebrating Little My’s birthday and Snufkin will be telling a thrilling Midsummer story at his camp. It is possible, that a surprise guest will join us to celebrate Midsummer with us.


27.7. Seven Sleepers Day

Which one of the Moominworld’s characters might sleep the deepest? Who is going to sleep for the longest time? You are all welcome to find out who will be chosen as the Moominworld’s own sleepyhead this year!

The sleepyhead will be woken up at the Moominhouse at 10:30 and at the Small Stage at 14:30


7.8. Moomintroll’s birthday

We are celebrating Moomintroll’s birthday, hurrah! Moominmamma has baked an enormous cake for the party and almost everyone is there to celebrate. There also might be a surprise for the birthday hero…

Children can make birthday cards for the Moomintroll at the Snork’s workshop and then bring the cards to the Moominhouse. In addition, there will be non-scheduled events related to the birthday during the day.


22.8. Autumn arrives to Moominworld

The kitchen table has been carried outside for a party. It’s a sign, that Moomins start to prepare for their wintery sleep and therefore they have arranged an autumnal party. It is time to eat conifer needles and cover all furniture with sheets. Snufkin also told that he will start his travel to the south at the end of the day. You are all welcome to spend the last day of summer with the Moomins and wish Snufkin a pleasant journey!

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