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Special events in summer 2018



The Moomins and the Harmless Midsummer
Come celebrate midsummer together with the Moomin family! Moominpappa has once again raised an enormous maypole, around which everyone is welcome to dance. We will also be celebrating Little My's birthday and Snufkin will be telling an exciting midsummer tale at his camp.


The Moomins and the Invisible Child
Have you ever met someone who was invisible? An invisible girl named Ninny has come to stay with the Moomin family and they will everything in their power to make her visible again. Can you hear the soft tinkling of her sleighbell?
National Sleepy Head Day
Who might the deepest sleeper of Moominworld be? Whose talent for dreams is without compare? Come see who will be chosen as Moominworld's very own Sleepy Head this summer!
Signed and AAC weekend
Come spend the Signed Weekend at Moominworld. What's special about this weekend is that all the programme activities will be translated into sign language!
Moomintroll's birthday
It's once again time to celebrate Moomintroll's birthday. Hip hip - hurrah! All of Moominworld's residents will be on hand and Moominmamma has baked a gigantic cream cake especially for the occasion. Maybe some of the guests will have a little surprise for the birthday boy...
Autumn descends upon Moomin Valley
The kitchen table has been brought outside for the festivities. This is a sign that the Moomins are getting ready for their long winter's hibernation by hosting an autumn festival. It's time to fatten up on pine needles for the long sleep and cover the furniture with sheets. Snufkin has also announced that he will be heading south at the end of the day. Come spend the last days of summer with us and bid Snufkin a wonderful, adventure-filled journey!
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